Things that  vinegar can magically clean

Things that  vinegar can magically clean

Vinegar is used successfully not only for salads, it can also help you when you need to clean your home quickly or efficiently or get rid of the presence of pets in certain places.

If your sink is blocked and you do not have the means to unlock it, one cup of vinegar and one glass of soda will do the job. Pour the vinegar into it and pour the soda into it. Then you only have to rinse the sink.

How to clean washing machine with vinegar

To clean the washing machine with vinegar all you have to do is put 100 ml of vinegar in the powder detergent compartment and run the washing machine at idle at the highest temperature. This not only cleanses it from the deposited limescale but also eliminates the bad smell.

More applications of vinegar

  • If a sticker or adhesive tape has left a glue stick on the wall, pour vinegar into a spray bottle and spray the Image of bottles of vinegarplace. Leave for a few seconds and clean with a wet handkerchief.
  • If your waste bin smells unpleasant, even if there is nothing in it, vinegar will help you again. Pour one glass of water on the bread loaf.
  • Put a napkin on the bottom of the trash and let the slices stand overnight. In the morning the bad smell will be gone. This applies to the refrigerator and other places with unpleasant odor.